Can we store all of the world's data on a pickup truck? World's Top 50 Innovators Series. Oct 2017

Through the Wormhole. Is Privacy Dead? Our part starts at 26:06 Sep 2016

TEDxDanubia. May 2016

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Genetic Media. Stanford's CEHG Symposium. Mar 2016

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BioITWorld Keynote. May 2014

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Can We Keep Our Genome Secret? Interview with ScienceLIVE. Apr 2013

Is 'HeLa' A Person? Interview with Huffington Post. Mar 2013

Genome Hacking in Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC). Jan 2013

The power of Big Data - Human Migration Across Generations with millions of Geni's users. Oct 2012

This video was created by Joanna Kaplanis and Yaniv Erlich by analyzing 43 million public profiles from The profiles are the product of collaborative work of million of genealogists that uploaded their family trees to, indicating the place and date of birth of their ancestros. We used a series of tools including Natural Language Processing to convert the data into quantitative information and then to draw this information. Each pixel represents the relative amount of people in Geni that were born in the specific location and decade. The data nicely correlates with euro-colonial expansion.

Special Seminar at the Whitehead Institute. Feb 2010

Second part - DNA Sudoku / compressed genotyping.

UCSD Next-Generation Sequencing and Informatics Symposium. Nov 2008

Harnessing Communication Theory to Optimize Next-Gen Sequencers